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Infant Program

The Infant Program is for children from 3 months to 12 months old. The children may be separated into two classrooms,  based on age and development.  We recognize that every child is unique and has their personal needs and routines.  We work with you to support and develop your child's daily routines.  We provide a "Daily Report Card" to provide feedback regarding your baby's growth and development.  This provides specific details on the times your child is fed and when, and whom, changed their diaper.  The "Daily Report Card" helps everyone communicate for your child's benefit. 

We encourage calls and visits at any time throughout the day.  At pick up, we make time for a detailed conversation about your child's day.  Our Infant teachers have education and experience specifically for this age group, including specialized training in infant care and development.  Our teachers not only feed and diaper your babies, but they LOVE them, and it shows!

   Toddler Program

Our Toddler Program is for children ages 12 months to 24 months. The children may be separated into 2 classrooms: Young Toddlers (12 months – 18  months), Older Toddlers (18 months – 24 months). Ages may vary in each classroom, based on development and space.

As with our Infant Program, our Toddler Program teachers have specialized training in infant and toddler care and development.  They  use the same Daily Report Card as the Infant Room.  Prior to advancing from the Infant Program, we provide the opportunity for your child to "visit" the Young Toddler Room. They will get to see friends that have already moved up, as well as meet new friends who are ready to welcome them.  Whenever possible, the Infant teacher goes with them to help ease the transition.  Rooms also have more open space for them to perfect their walking skills. The Toddler Program rooms have more age-appropriate toys and games. 

Children begin to learn about sharing, walking in a line, taking turns and circle time. Through play-based learning, they increase their socialization skills!  They begin to experience more tactile skills through art projects, sensory table play and more time outside.  Children also begin to talk at this age.  The teachers have toys, books, and songs to assist them with their budding language skills. They are like little sponges soaking up so much knowledge and experience!


 Grade School Programs

TLK programs are exemplary. We have been recipients of many awards, primarily in the area of literacy. The results our pupils achieve are excellent. This is a credit to our teachers and pupils and gives you an insight into our school and our pursuit of excellence.


Our Curriculum (a blend of Nigerian, British & American) is designed to:

  • Ensure pupils experience the joy of learning and reach their academic potential 
  • Develop comprehensive Literacy and Numeracy skills 
  • Foster enquiry learning, thinking skills and problem solving 
  • Teach children how to learn across all areas including Science, Technology and Environmental Studies

In-the-class Program

Children will learn through active, problem solving activities and they will see why things happen for themselves. These activities develop social skills, coordination and motor skills and allow each child to experience opportunities for challenge and success. The program aims to optimize each pupil ability to learn.

Our class Program will provide a solid foundation for achievement. Each child is carefully monitored with ongoing assessment. Each child’s educational program is individually planned with both long and short term goals. The teachers cater for a wide range of maturity levels, interests and experiences and liaise regularly with parents, reporting on each child’s individual progress. Enrichment and extension is provided within all curriculum and extracurricular areas. Parents have the opportunity to follow up with suggested activities and strategies at home to support their child’s development.

Parent Involvement

The school welcomes parental assistance. Each teacher will ask for assistance with various programs such as Early Years and Middle years Literacy and Numeracy classroom support, Sport and the School Library.

We encourage parent participation in the classroom as it not only assists the teacher but also enhances your relationship with your child and gives the parent the opportunity to see programs in action.

We also welcome families to participate actively in any special days such as infant sports, cultural days and other activities as they arise.
There are many opportunities to be involved, to join the school community and build on our strong home school partnerships.


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